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Your Home’s Valuation is Our Qualification

Changing Living Situation?

Get your money’s worth with an appraisal.

Associated Appraisers Professional Residential Appraisers in Comox Valley

Home ownership is a major milestone in your life. It provides you and your family with freedom, safety, and a roof overhead. But when the time comes to leave your home and place it on the market, it is vital to know the value of your property before it is refinanced or sold. When that time comes, let Associated Appraisers Professional Residential Appraisers in Courtenay assist you.

When you are ready to start fielding offers for your home, or to seek a loan from a mortgage lender, let our team provide you with the answers you need about your home’s market valuation .

For over 25 years, we have served Courtenay, the Comox Valley and beyond with pride, offering valuation services for residential properties owned by a variety of clients . We also offer renovation advisory services to help you determine whether or not renovations will impact your home’s value.

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  • Courtenay
  • Comox Valley
  • Comox
  • Cumberland
  • Mount Washington
  • Hornby Island
  • Denman Island

Why Get an Appraisal?

Selling your home is often a long process, starting from making the decision to sell and ending with the acceptance of an offer from a prospective buyer. Getting your property appraised is an intermediate step, and is a key element of the transaction. It provides you with a market value estimate of the property’s value based on comparable sales that have taken place within your area. Additionally, appraisals are often required by mortgage lenders in order to determine that the home being purchased is actually worth the amount you have requested from the lender.

It’s Worth What?

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Build Your Knowledge

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Consideration for Renovation

Doing renovations? Determine if they'll add value.

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